Guidance on how to buy timber


1 Introduction

Most of the Forestry Commission’s timber is sold electronically through a system called E-sales. If you would like to purchase timber (includes sawlogs, round fencing, small roundwood, firewood and woodfuel, hardwood and softwood) then please follow the instructions below on how to register. This is a straightforward process that should not take any more than five minutes. The system allows you to register just to see what is being offered for sale or to bid for the material. If you register as a bidder then certain checks will be carried out on
your business before acceptance. Once accepted, you will have the viewing facility too. If you register to view only, you will not be able to bid for material. Once registered as bidder or viewer, you may receive notice of other timber related matters.

Please register in good time for your first sale. Your registration will last until you decide to end it. From time to time the Forestry Commission will cleanse the system but will retain your registration.


2 How to register

  • Go to
  • Click on E-Timber Sales under Popular Pages
  • In the top right corner – click on Register
  • Step 1 – Specify your Current Location – Click Next
  • Fill in the General Information Form

Note when filling in:

  • If you want to be able to bid select ‘bidder’, if you only wish to view tenders then select ‘view bidder’.
  • When selecting Marketing Zone, take into account which country tenders you would like to view. You will only be invited to those country tenders
    you selected.
  • All information must be filled in completely as Credit Management will use this information to create a customer number and Register and Validate your use of e-Sales.
  • Read Terms & Conditions
  • Click I Accept the Terms and Conditions – Click Next

This will complete your registration process.

It will take 2-3 days for your account registration to be Registered and Validated through Credit Management at which time an e-mail will be sent to you verifying your log-in and password with a link to the e-Sales. In the first instance all new customers will be on up-front payment terms. If you wish to have a credit limit, call Credit Management on 01313340303.

After registering you can in the future log-in directly with:

2.1 What if I forget my password?

There is a password reminder facility on the login screen. Just enter your email address and you will be sent and email with your password automatically.


3 Once Registered and Validated – Navigation through e-Sales

Within the e-Sales screens there are many areas in which you can search.

  1. Under Search Events along the top left-hand side of the screen in blue. By clicking on this you can search for events that you have been invited to.
  2. Or alternatively use the Invitations tab under My Activities.
  3. To change any personal information for example email address, click on Profile on the top of the screen in blue. It is important this is kept current.
  4. If you win a sale lot, your contracts are available to view under Contracts tab under My Activities
  5. Once an event is available for viewing in e-Sales, by clicking on the Event Name, it will take you into the Lots for Sale.

4 Advantages of viewing/bidding on-line

  1. You will receive an automatic e-mail making you aware of when you are able to view and then bid on the e-sales event. Generally for country
    territorial tenders this is, 6 weeks for viewing and 3 weeks for bidding prior to the e-sales event. If you click on the link in the emails it will take
    you straight into the event after you have entered your password.
  2. All website sale lots come with all attachments necessary i.e. Terms and Conditions, Lot Summary, Site Specific Conditions, and Site Maps etc.
  3. Once you have bid you are able to change your original bid (up or down) at any time if required until the sale close. You will receive a confirmation e-mail stating your bid has been received.
  4. No one, ‘not even FE’ is able to see what lots you have bid on, or how much you have bid until the bidding closing time.
  5. You will receive an automatic e-mail informing you if you were successful or unsuccessful with your bid, or if a negotiation is in progress. This will be sent a couple of hours after the event closing time. (This is not meant to prevent discussions between us, but to enhance the speed of letting you know your results).
  6. If you are successful in your electronic bid, your contracts will be available from the E-Sales website. There will be no need for Forest Districts to send out a copy for signature to be returned as you are approving the Terms and Conditions during the registration process.
  7. You are able to view all your active/inactive contracts within the website.

5 Country Contacts

  • England – Charene Winbow – 0117 9066000
  • Scotland – Graham Godsman – 01463 252615 or Douglas Younie – 01463 252617
  • Wales – Claire Evans – 03000 680007 or Richard Munn – 03000 680018
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