Rhagfyr ’19

Sale TypeLot NoLot NamePurchaser
Standing Sales
1Crychan South 63014Tilhill
2Crafnant Phyto 14194Clifford Jones
3Penmachno Phyto 16168Pending Award
4Cefni Phyto 10124Clifford Jones
5Glasfynydd Main Block 64062Tilhill
6Esgair Maen Quarry 53533Silva (Chirk)
7Crychan South 99898aTilhill
8Model Farm 75011Pending Award
9Kemeys Bank Rc 77091Tilhill
10Byrgwm Cynarth 57099Pending Award
11Bronhelm Super Coupe 61122Pending Award
12Parc Lwydiarth 44013Tilhill
13Glasfynydd 53406Steve Lloyd Timber
14Hafod Fraith Uchaf 16170Pending Award
15Ystradffernol 99116Western Bioenergy
16Ystradffernol 99117Pending Award
17Dolserau 21623Silva (Chirk)
18Hafod East Phyto 99002Silva (Chirk)
19Dolaucothi Main and Blaenrhislog 99815Tilhill
20Nantcregan 80217Jeff Woolcock
21Bryn Ronwydd 17031Clifford Jones
22Hafren Gias 48030Silva (Chirk)
23Hendre Ddu Phyto 99045Silva (Chirk)
24Esgair Lwyd 22305Silva (Chirk)
25Garn y Parc 16003Clifford Jones
26Hafren Blaen Bidno 48515Tilhill
27Cwm Blaeneinion 25532Silva (Chirk)
28Llwydiarth Phyto 99043Silva (Chirk)
29Gartheiniog Phyto 99048Silva (Chirk)
30Nant Hir Phyto 99044 Silva (Chirk)
Roadside Sales
1Coed Taff - GLPontrilas Harvesting
2Cwm Glaisfer / Taf Fechan - GLPontrilas Harvesting
3Tywi North - GLJames Davies
4Risca - GLPontrilas Harvesting
5Tywi North - GLJames Davies
6Tywi North - ChipLes Hughes & Sons
7Coed Sarnau - WFPending Award
8Dyfnant - ChipKronospan
9Dyfi Main - ChipKronospan
10Tywi North - GSAJames Davies
11Tywi North - GSAKronospan
12Tywi North - GLTeifi Timber
13Myherin - GLTilhill
14Coed y Brenin - ChipKronospan
15Coed y Brenin - GLPontrilas Harvesting
16Coed y Brenin - GSAKronospan
17Coed y Rhaiadr - PostsPending Award
18Hafren - WFKronospan
19Cwm Berwyn - GLTeifi Timber
20Coed y Brenin - RLUNSOLD
21Merthyr - RLPending Award
22Merthyr - FOPending Award
23CaeoHormann Firewood
24Coed Taff - WFPending Award
25Mynydd Ddu - ChipPending Award
26Caeo - GLJames Davies
27Merthyr - ChipVale Timber
28Talybont on Usk - OLVale Timber
29Talybont on Usk - GLPontrilas Harvesting
30Talybont on Usk - GLTilhill
31Crychan - GLTeifi Timber
32Coed y Brenin - ChipKronospan
33Coed y Brenin - GSAKronospan
34Coed y Brenin - GLETC Sawmills
35Coed y Brenin - GSAKronospan
36Coed y Brenin - ChipKronospan
37Coed y Brenin - StakesRiverside Sawmills
38Dolgellau - GLJames Davies
39Dolgellau - GLPontrilas Harvesting
40Dolgellau - RLPending Award
41Bala - GLETC Sawmills
42Bala - GSAKronospan
43Bala - StakesRiverside Sawmills
44Bala - ChipKronospan
45Dolgellau - OLVale Timber
46Dolgellau - ChipKronospan
47Tarenig - GLTilhill
48Coed y Brenin - GLPending Award
49Coed y Brenin - GLPontrilas Harvesting
50Coed y Brenin - GLPontrilas Harvesting
Scheduled Maintenance We are making some improvements to your service, which will require essential planned maintenance and downtime during the weekend of Friday 12th June 6pm - Sunday 14th June 6pm.
Planned Start: Friday 12th June 18:00 BST | Planned End: Sunday 14th June 18:00 BST
We will be working to ensure that the downtime experienced will be minimal and apologise for any inconvenience which this may cause.